Relationship and Psychosexual Therapist

Couple or marriage counsellor also trained in psychosexual therapy, family and individual counselling

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Counselling Services

Couples Counselling

Sharon began her training with Relate, the national relationship counselling charity in the 1990's.  Since then she has worked with couples facilitating different and often difficult conversations to enable those couples to find a way forward.  She strongly believes in communication as the basis for fulfilling and satisfying relationships.

Psychosexual Therapy

Very often people struggle with their sexual difficulty in silence, feeling embarrassed and ashamed, unable to discuss their issues with anyone. Psychosexual Therapy helps both individuals and couples to overcome this. 

Family Counselling

Sometimes family life can be tough and communication difficult.  Discovering new understandings and exploring all perspectives can be helpful in unravelling those stressful family situations. 

Counselling for individuals

Individuals seeking counselling come with a wide range of concerns and feelings such as stress and anxiety.  In these cases it has been my experience that a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) approach can be helpful but, not exclusively so.  

I draw on a range of therapeutic interventions to help people who feel they are struggling to manage in some way, helping them to unravel and reflect on their situation; enabling them to find solutions and develop new coping strategies.


Sharon trained with Relate to supervise clinical colleagues.  She currently delivers individual and group supervision sessions to those colleagues across a range of disciplines including young people and family counsellors, couple counsellors, trainers and psychosexual therapists.